Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Often an employee forgets his/her P.I.N. number. How can we determine the P.I.N. for a User Access Card?
A: You will need an SA-1691 Program Card for your facility, an SA-1606 Door Unit and the SA-1690 User Card. 

    Insert the Program Card into the door unit. The Door Unit will then go into the "Programming Mode".

    Press the "#" key on the door unit until you see "Card Information" on the LCD screen.

    Press the "*" key. The LCD will now read "Card Information - Insert card".

    Insert the user card you want to read (not the program card). The LCD will momentarily read: "User Card #### - User P.I.N. ####".

    Press the "*" key then "1-0-0-*" to exit the program mode.

    If you experience further problems, consult the factory.

SA-1606 Door Unit


Q: How Do I reset Alarms using the Guard Tour Card?
A: Follow the following procedure:
  1. The guard must first resolve the alarm before resetting. I.E., if door is forced open or is open to long and the alarm sounds, close the door; or if the alarm unit is tampered with, close the door unit housing.
  2. Insert the Guard Tour card. The LCD will read, "SYSTEM OK, COND. 0-15".
  3. Press applicable pre-defined condition number and press the "*" key.

NOTE: Conditions are predefined inside the Access Control Manager (ACM) software by the user. Below are a list of  example Guard Tour Messages:

0 Checked window near door
1 Reset local alarm
2 Noticed card reader damaged
3 First round check
4 Last round check
5 Egress alarm
etc. (0-14 conditions)

Consult the ACM user manual to predefine Guard Tour Messages.

4. The condition will now be reported to the computer and the door will be reset.

Q: Can the Guard Tour card be used to gain access to a door?


A: Yes. The Guard Tour card can be used as a regular User Card by inserting it into the the door unit and, when the display shows "SYSTEM OK, COND. 0-15"", pressing "1", "5" and then "*". Entry will be granted.
Q: How do I use the Gate Agent card?
A: The Gate Agent card is used to keep the door open for a predetermined amount of time (0-255 minutes). Follow the following procedure to set the "Door Open" time:
  1. Insert the Gate Agent card. The LCD will read, "KEEP OPEN FOR 0-255 MIN.".
  2. Type the amount of time you want the door to be allowed open (in minutes) and press "*". I.E. press "2", "5",and "*" to allow the door to be open for 25 minutes before the alarm will go off.

NOTE: If the door stays open for longer than the time set by the Gate Agent, the alarm will sound. A countdown timer can be viewed on the LCD screen when the door is opened. Once the door is closed, it will automatically re-lock.

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