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The team of professionals at Smart Access are able to engineer an access security system to meet the requirements of any type commercial client, from banks to industrial plants to the computer controlled access needs of airports and universities. Each access control system is custom engineered using the following major components:
A little bullet.. SA-1605 Single Door Access Unit A little bullet.. SA-1600 Card Encoder
A little bullet..

SA-1606 Single/Multi Door Access Unit

A little bullet.. SA-1936 Graphic Display Panel
A little bullet.. SA-1626 Slave Card Reader A little bullet.. SA-1928 Multi Drop Line Surge Protector
A little bullet.. SA-1773 Central Processor A little bullet.. SA-1930 Input-Output Device
A little bullet.. SA-1690 User Cards A little bullet.. SA-1660 Access Control Manager Software
A little bullet.. SA-1942 Battery Power Supply A little bullet.. SA-9998 Self Healing, Digital Fiber Optic Modem
A little bullet.. SA-9999 12-Channel Fiber Optic Multiplexer     


Card Access Configuration Diagram

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Card Access Configuration Diagram

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