System Components

The MDS Airport System contains several primary and secondary components. Primary products are door units (card readers), communication controllers, repeaters, the main computer badge generating equipment and card encoding device. Secondary components are electric locking devices (strikes, bolts, magnets, etc.), sensing switches, modems, laser communication devices, etc.. The following is a brief description of each primary device and some interfacing with secondary devices.

A little bullet.. System Computer A little bullet.. Badge Generation
A little bullet..


A little bullet.. Card Encoder
A little bullet.. Door Unit A little bullet.. Battery Power Supply
A little bullet.. Communication Controller A little bullet.. Repeaters


Airport Access Control System Component Display

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The Smart Access Computer Controlled Card Access System for Airports has capabilities that exceed the requirements of Part 107.14 of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR).

System features include:

A little bullet.. Unlimited number of openings A little bullet.. User friendly liquid crystal display - Plain English prompts
A little bullet.. 16 Million card capacity A little bullet.. Proximity vehicle identification system
A little bullet.. Site encodable user cards/badges A little bullet.. Special airport functions
A little bullet.. Simple 2 wire communication A little bullet.. Distributed system architecture - SMARTS local to the secured opening
A little bullet.. Completely programmable A little bullet.. Card reader / keypad combination - Increased security

Crd_Acs_Arprts_SM_gif.gif (54417 bytes)

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Card Access for Airports Configuration Diagram
Multiple Door System (MDS) Computer Controlled Access Control is an ONLINE system. With its' distributed database scheme, the system is operational (but off-line) when a communication line is cut or damaged.

The system is packed with features that make MDS the ultimate choice in positive control to secured areas in and around the terminal area where aircraft are boarded, de-boarded and parked. Like all security devices manufactured by Smart Access, MDS comes with factory direct service and support.

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