Airport Systems- Door Unit

The airport system utilizes the door unit model SA-1606. The SA-1606 offers complete control of each opening including eight (8) modes of operation.

Door Units SA-1606 features include the following:

A little bullet.. Liquid crystal display (LCD)
A little bullet.. Operates stand-alone (when off-line from the system network)
A little bullet.. Eight modes of operation:
  • Card access only
  • Card access and personal identification number (PIN)
  • Card access and common access code
  • No access
  • Local bypass (key switch, push-button from location station, etc.)
  • Remote bypass (from the computer of remote indicating control panel)
A little bullet.. Unique mode change capability changes active mode of operation automatically using a preprogrammed schedule (e.g. 12 noon door unit goes to a no access state, at 8 AM door unit goes to a card access and personal identification number state)
A little bullet.. Two (2) wire or fiber optic communication to the central computer - inexpensive to install and maintain
A little bullet.. Modular construction - easy to service
A little bullet.. Local annunciator output-built-in alarm function
A little bullet.. Recessed or surface installation
A little bullet.. Harsh environment package option
A little bullet.. Integral surge and power condition circuitry

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