SA-1605 Single Door Access Unit

Single Door Access Unit: SA-1605
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Smart Access Model SA-1605 Single Door Access Unit is a versatile security device boasting state-of-the-art electronic technology. The unit offers five access modes which can adapt to most any access control requirements.

Used in combination with an optional serial printer, the Single Door System offers clock/calendar (time and event) verification. Long term memory retention and a self diagnostics feature which continuously monitors internal circuitry for proper function.

The system offers three switch inputs including door position switch (normally closed); alarm switch (normally closed); and remote unlock switch (normally open). Additionally, all three switch inputs are electronically isolated through the use of opto-isolators.

The unit alarm function will activate when the door is forced open, the door is held open too long (propped only). The unit uses a form "C" alarm relay and sending a duress message to the optional system printer.

SA-1605 Single Door Access Unit

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A little bullet.. Five Access Modes (closes strike relay)
  • Card Only
  • Card and Pin
  • Card and Common Code
  • Common Code Only
  • Local Bypass
A little bullet.. EEPROM Memory
A little bullet.. Validate or invalidate one card or a range of cards
A little bullet.. Re-validate "One Time Use" cards instantly
A little bullet.. Utilizes inexpensive magnetically encoded cards
A little bullet.. No duplicate Facility Codes-16 million possible
A little bullet.. 255 Issue Level (Under each Facility code)
A little bullet.. "One Time Use" card feature
A little bullet.. Program Date and Time
A little bullet.. Strike Time (0 to 255 seconds)
A little bullet.. Door Open Time (5 to 255 Seconds or unlimited)
A little bullet.. Lock and Unlock (Until reset)
A little bullet.. Keypad Time-out (5 to 255 seconds)
A little bullet.. Access Logging to Printer
A little bullet.. Proven track record-on the market since 1986

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System Commands 

1 Validate Cards 10 Keypad Timeout
2 Invalidate Cards 11 Print Valid Cards
3 Set Common Access Code 12 Print Invalid Cards
4 Set Card Entry 13 Set Alarm Log
5 Set PIN Feature 14 Set Access Log
6 Unlock 20 Set Date
7 Lock 21 Set Time
8 Strike Time 22 Set BAUD Rate
9 Door Open Time 100 Exit Program Mode

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Power Requirements
Door Unit-12VAC/15VA
Electric locking device requires separate power supplies
Output Relay Ratings
Strike Relay-6A@28VDC FORM "C"
Alarm Relay-6A@28VDC FORM "C"
Switch Inputs
Door Position Switch-Normally Closed
Tamper Switch-Normally Closed
Remote Unlock Switch-Normally Open
Alarm Input Switch-Normally Closed
Printer Output
(1200, 2400, 4800, 9600)
Housing Size
8-1/4" High, 3-7/8" Wide, 3-1/2" Deep

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Models and Accessories 

Door Unit

  • Flush Mount

Door Unit Accessories

  • Surface Sleeve
  • Wire-In Transformer
  • Plug-In Transformer
  • Printer, Serial
  • Cable, Printer
  • Battery Power Supply

User Cards

  • Standard User
  • Program Card

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