SA-1606  Door Access Unit

Door Unit Model SA-1606
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SA-1606 Single/Multi Door Access UnitThe Smart Access Model SA-1606 Door Unit is a versatile security device incorporating a magnetic card reader, numeric keypad and a liquid crystal display (LCD) in a weather-resistant enclosure. The surface or flush mounted unit offers a variety of functions which can be programmed at the door, from a Model SA-1773 Central Processor or from a Model SA-1640 Personal Computer (PC). The LCD provides helpful, friendly prompts which guide the user through programming steps and normal operation.

Model SA-1606 Door Unit Offers inputs for door position switch, unit tamper switch, remote unlock switch and for monitoring of alarms. Relay outputs are provided for control of an electronic locking device, and for triggering an external alarm. An annunciator output provides power for activating a piezo type horn. The door unit can be programmed with it's own access mode, time zones and card database effectively providing layers of security.

Each door unit Contains a microcontroller and internal memory, storing the door unit setup and buffering 1000 transactions. With optional battery backup, door functions remain constant even during power outages. Internal memory will store data for a minimum of five (5) years.

A central processor Smart Access Model SA-1773 can be connected to the door unit utilizing a two (2) wire multi-drop communication scheme, After connection, the door unit functions in a multi door configuration with features such as activity logging, anti-passback, etc.

A special airport version of the SA-1606 Door Unit (SA-1606-A) is available with functionality unique to airport applications. A gate agent function allows airline employees to invoke a timed bypass during passenger boarding and provided a secure opening during non-boarding times.

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A little bullet.. Programmable Access Modes A little bullet.. "Watch Dog" Power Monitor Circuit
  • No Access
  • Card Access Only
  • Card Access and PIN
  • Access Code Only
  • PIN Only
  • Card and PIN
  • Card Access and Access Code
  • Card Access or Access Code
  • Door Unlocked, Log Cards
  • Door Unlocked
A little bullet.. Self Diagnostics
A little bullet.. Unique Mode Change Capability
A little bullet.. Outdoor Package Available
A little bullet.. Programmable Holidays
A little bullet.. Programmable Time Zones
A little bullet.. Flexible Time Options
A little bullet.. NFPA 101-Egress Delay Timing
A little bullet.. User Friendly Interface A little bullet.. Special Purpose User Cards
A little bullet.. Unique Issue Level Scheme
  • One Time Use Card
  • Guard Tour Card
  • Gate Agent Card
A little bullet.. 65,535 Unique Access Cards
A little bullet.. Proprietary Magnetic Coding Format

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Power Requirements
Non Heated-12VAC/15VA
Electric locking device requires separate power supplies.
Output Relay Ratings
Strike Relay-6A@28VDC FORM "C"
Alarm Ready-6A@28VDC FORM "C"
Switch Inputs
Door Position Switch-Normally Closed
Tamper Switch-Normally Closed
Remote Unlock Switch-Normally Open
Alarm Input Switch-Normally Closed
To Central Processor-RS485
Fiber Optics-Consult Factory
Housing Size
8-1/4" High, 3-7/8" Wide, 3-1/2" Deep

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Models & Accessories

Door Unit User Cards
  • Flush Mount
  • Standard User
  • Flush Mount - Heated
  • One Time Use

Suffix -A to above for Airport Version

  • Gate Agent
Door Unit Accessories
  • Program Card
  • Surface Sleeve
  • Cleaner Card
  • Wire-In Transformer
  • Custom Cards
Consult Factory
  • Plug-In Transformer
SA-5153 Hardware Devices
  • Transformer (Heated Unit)
  • Battery Power Supply
Central Processor
  • Desk Cabinet
  • Wall Cabinet

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