SA-1660 Access Control Manager Software

SA-1660 Access Control Manager Software

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Smart Access Model SA-1660 Access Control Manager software operates in the Microsoft Windows environment. The software runs on a 486 or Pentium based personal computer (PC) with sufficient disk storage and memory. Access Control Manager provides an elegant environment for maintenance and operation of an access control - building security management system. The product has several add-on modules, such as; building maps, photo identification and badging and a networking module. The basic system includes extensive databases for card holders, door information, software users and time schedules.

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A little bullet.. Microsoft Windows Graphic User Interface (GUI)
A little bullet.. Total Access Control System Programming
A little bullet.. System Database - Setup Stored on Disk
A little bullet.. Extensive Card Holder Database
A little bullet.. Immediate Invalidation of Terminated Employees
A little bullet.. Automatic Card Invalidation by Expiration Date
A little bullet.. Storage of Historical Data for Later Recall
A little bullet.. Extensive Report Capability
A little bullet.. Extensive Alarm Processing With Maps
A little bullet.. Network Version Available
A little bullet.. On-Line Help System
A little bullet.. Multi-Tasking Environment

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Models and Accessories

ACM Windows Software SA-1660-W
Badging Module SA-1660-B
Network Module SA-1660-N
Card Encoder SA-1600

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