SA-1690 User Card

Model SA-1690 User Card

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Smart Access Series 1600 User Cards are manufactured from high quality four (4) ply  laminated polyester. Each Card has a high coercivity magnetic stripe that is protected against casual stripe damage. Cards are encoded at the factory with proprietary data unique to Smart Access.

SA-1690-P User Card

Model Number

Card Description

SA-1690-P Premium User Card
SA-1691 Program Card
SA-1693 One Time Use Card
SA-1698 Gate Agent Card (for use with Airport Function)
SA-1687 Cleaner Card

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A little bullet.. High Energy Magnetic Stripe  
A little bullet..

Versatile Credit Card Size

A little bullet.. Highly Durable
A little bullet.. Optional Slot Punch
A little bullet.. Custom Artwork Available

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