SA-1773 Central Processor

Central Processor SA-1773

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SA-1773 Central Processor

The Smart Access model SA-1773 Central Power Processor interfaces with model SA-1606 Door Units, model SA-1930 Input-Output devices and model SA-1936 Graphic Display Panels utilizing a two (2) wire multi-drop communication line. When interfaced, the system becomes a powerful Multiple Door access control system featuring distributed processing. Distributed processing, where immediate decisions about granting or denying access are made at the individual door, is superior to a centralized system where all decisions are made at the main CPU. Thus, degraded mode does not exist in the event of the CPU or link failure.

The model SA-1773 Central Power Processor can accommodate up to 64 devices on a two (2) wire communication line. Additional devices can be attached utilizing the SA-1920 Repeater. The Central Power Processor has a twelve (12) button numeric keypad, a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), a high speed communication port and a parallel printer port. Programming of single doors, or blocks of doors is fast and easy thanks to the LCD prompts. With a printer connected, activity for all doors or selected doors may be logged as it occurs. The Central Processor can store transactions in its internal buffer, thus eliminating the possibility of lost messages even under heavy traffic conditions. Further, if the link with any of the connected devices on the two (2) wire communication line is broken, the central processor will advise the operator and when the device comes back online, handle all incoming message processing.

System Block Diagram

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A little bullet.. Connects to 64 Devices
A little bullet.. Friendly User Interface
A little bullet.. 2 Wire Multi-Drop Communication
A little bullet.. Battery Backed Memory/Clock/Calendar
A little bullet.. Multi-Level Passwords
A little bullet.. PC Computer Interface

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Power Requirements:
Output Relay Ratings:
Alarm Relay-6A@28VDC FORM "C"
Fiber Optics-Consult Factory
Computer Interface-RS232C
To Door Units-RS485 (Requires 18 ga./2 wire twisted pair, 100% shielded, 4,000' maximum from Central Processor to last Door Unit including drops)
Standard Capacity:
64 Door Units
Expandable to 1,024 Door Units

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Models and Accessories
Central Processor Hardware Devices
  • Desk Cabinet
  • Battery Power Supply
  • Wall Cabinet
  • Input-Output Board
Door Unit
  • PC Computer System
  • Flush Mount
  • Modem

Suffix -A for Airport Version

  • UPS (for SA-1640)
Door Unit Accessories
  • Surge Protector 
  • Surface Sleeve
SA-1612 RS485 (for Comm Line)
  • Wire-In Transformer
  • Card Encoder
  • Plug-In Transformer
SA-5153 (Requires PC & Software)
User Cards Computer Software
  • Standard User
  • Access Control Manager
  • Program Card
  • ACM Windows - Badging Extension
  • Custom Cards
Consult Factory
  • Remote Data Retrieval

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