SA-1930 Input-Output Device

SA-1930 Input-Output Device

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The Smart Access Model SA-1930 Input-Output Device features eight (8) inputs and eight (8) outputs. The Input-Output device connects to the Model SA-1773 Central Processor by use of the two (2) wire communication protocol established for all Smart Access products. An integral charging circuit providing full function battery backup from a lead acid type rechargeable battery. The monitoring portion of the device responds to switching at the input terminals and reports changes on the system printer or to the PC computer. Output relays follow the change in the input switch condition and are available for connection to external alarm devices. The device is  programmed with the Model SA-1773 Central Processor or from a personal computer using the Model SA-1660 Access Control Manager software.


A little bullet.. 8 Inputs - 8 Outputs
A little bullet.. Integral Battery Backup
A little bullet.. Programmable Mode Changes
A little bullet.. Low Power Design
A little bullet.. Alarm Point Monitoring
A little bullet.. Simple Command Structure
  • Door Alarm ON-OFF
  • Local Alarm ON-OFF
  • Mode Changes
  • Door Open
  • Door Open - Log Activity
  • Door Closed - No Access

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